Bishop Margaret Wanjiru of Jesus Is Alive Ministry found herself in a remarkable situation after enduring injuries during the chaotic demolition of her church.  Her legs were also affected, leaving her in a state of discomfort and reliance on support.

In a surprising turn of events, Wanjiru’s healing journey took an unexpected twist when a young congregant named Oscar stepped forward to offer prayers for her recovery. Witnessing Oscar’s fervent prayers heal his own mother previously, she saw a glimmer of hope in his faith.

Inviting Oscar to pray for her, Wanj anointed her legs with oil, a symbolic act of surrender to divine intervention. With favor and conviction, Oscar prayed for Wanjiru’s healing, channeling the power of faith and belief in the miraculous.

To the amazement of all present, including Wanjiru herself, the prayers yielded instantaneous results. Wanjiru felt a surge of strength coursing through her legs, enabling her to stand and walk unaided. It was a moment of awe and wonder as the congregation witnessed the transformative power of faith in action.

The preacher expressed her joy and gratitude, marveling at the unexpected turn of events. “Today, I received my miracle instantly and started walking!” she exclaimed, acknowledging the role of the younger generation in embracing spiritual gifts.

As Wanjiru continues her journey with newfound strength and vitality, her story serves as an inspiration to believers everywhere, reminding them of the boundless possibilities that await those who place their trust in the divine.

Netizens had diverse reactions to the bishop’s timely healing
@joyfeurstein: “The drama in these churches.”
@daud.akbari: “if this is true. Endeni Kenyatta and save those lives.”
@angiemusund: “The healing process was supposed to be quite long na hakuna na hiyo time.”
@hillaryadala: “the Kenyan church wueeeh, sometimes they can really embarrass us.”
These comments capture the range of emotions and opinions stirred by Wanjiru’s healing, showing both belief and skepticism among online observers.


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