Eric Omondi  has advised Bongo Singer Diamond not to marry.

According to him, the singer has tried year in year out but none of his relationships has worked. However, Eric says that his relationship with Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan, was very promising.

The comedian  turned philanthropist also spoke about the huge role he played in bringing Tanasha and Diamond together, including planning their events and in terms of advice.

“Tanasha is my sister. I am the one who gave her to Diamond.. All events, baby shower, gender reveal they involved me. I don’t know where they met but after they met, they began having issues, plans and strategies and they would call me. They met on their own, but I was like a pastor in that relationship. I united them. Tanasha is my friend and sister,” he said in an interview with a Tanzanian media outlet.

Speaking about Tanasha, the interviewer brought the issue of Tanasha’s recent lip surgery.

“I have just heard that Tanasha did the lip surgery but I am yet to go through the story. I know about her butt lift,” Eric said and further shared his opinion about women going for cosmetic surgeries to enhance their appearance.

“In Kenya we say if it pleases you go for it. They are those who do it and I agree with them but there also those who do it and I don’t agree with them,” he said.

“For example Vera Sidika, I wouldn’t agree with her going for a cosmetic surgery because she already has a huge bum bum but many women, beautifully created you hear that they have enhanced their appearance so if someone has it I don’t agree with them 100%.”

Besides that, Eric sparked reactions when he advised men to marry young women, half their age. Eric, 42, is in a relationship with Lynne Njihia who is 22 years old.

He supported his words by claiming that women mature faster than men.

Eric Omondi`s life has transformed greatly since he came from a humble background. He has achieved this through his hardworking character and daily striving. He is has currently taken a backseat in comedy

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