The family of Rita Waeni are appealing to police to expedite the investigations on their daughter’s murder noting that they have not gotten any updates after the release of two Nigerian suspects in February.

In an interview with Tv 47, Rita’s mother said she knew the suspect only through interactions with her daughter.

According to her, Rita Waeni created an image of a wealthy individual with whom she had been conversing and offered to introduce her.

“I knew the person, his name was C.M. (name withheld), but I had no idea what platform or conversation they were having at the moment,” she explained.

Waeni on the day of the incident informed her aunt that she planned to meet the man for dinner at a Thika Road public mall.

“I left her inside the house at 3:30 p.m. That’s when she texted me saying she was going to meet the man. And that was when I called her mother,” the aunt explained.

The mother noted that her daughter felt compelled to meet with the suspect since he claimed to be leaving the country on Sunday, January 14, the day after the incident.

“We talked and she told me that she was meeting with her friend who was leaving the country and they were to have an early dinner and after that, we never talked again,” she recalled.

Conversations between Waeni and the suspect revealed that the victim attempted to postpone the meeting for a number of reasons, but the accused urged him to go forward with it.


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CCTV footage captured the JKUAT student and the suspect walking towards the short-stay lodging they had rented for the night.

Waeni’s video footage from that deadly night shows the flat’s living room, with drinks on the table and music playing in the background. She, however, was unable to capture the suspect’s face.

Waeni’s father added that he spoke with Directorate of culprit Investigations (DCI) chief Mohamed Amin, who confirmed that they have the expertise to locate and apprehend the culprit.

“My petition is directed to the DCI boss, the Inspector General, and my president, who is the ultimate authority. “If he found out about this, he would take action,” Waeni’s father said.

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