Philanthropist Eric Omondi is currently in Tanzania for the launch of Gigy Money’s reality show. Gigy was one of the cast in Eric Omondi’s Wife Material in 2022.

After landing in the country, the comedian was interviewed and among the questions he was confronted with was the matter of Diamond and Tanasha.

The interviewer said that there were allegations that Tanasha moved to Tanzania to ruin Diamond and Zuchu’s relationship.

Responding to the question, Eric however revealed that according to the Kenyan traditions and norms, Diamond owes Tanasha’s parents 500 cows for making her a mother.

He told the bongo singer that he should bring the cows and not attempt to send them in form of money.

“Tanasha ni dadangu lakini mimi nilishaambia Diamond kama Kakangu, tuliketi chini tukajadiliana na familia ya Tanasha na tukaomba…hatujui ile ya undani ila sisi tunaomba ng’ombe zetu, mia tano. Tushamwambia Diamond ile siku ataleta ng’ombe kwetu, asitume hela ng’ombe wapo Tanzania. Zile ng’ombe zinaongea Kiswahili, ng’ombe za Kibongo mia tano atuletee, tuzipokee kuanzia hapo tutaongea maneno ya Tanasha, na mtoto. Kimila yetu ukizalisha lazima ulipe ng’ombe,” he said.

At the same time, the comedian explained why he has become distant with top Tanzanian artists like Diamond and Harmonize.

“Currently, I am not so close with art even comedy because of the things I am currently engaged in, which is fighting for citizens. I reduced comedy, and in the process my contact with the likes of Diamond has also reduced but that is not the case, it is general. For now I am not even doing shows in Kenya so it everywhere not in Bongo alone, but I am a big fan of Bongo. Diamond, Harmonize, Ali Kiba and all of them are my brothers including Rayvanny,” Eric said.

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