Renown Media personality Azeezah has revealed that she doesn’t mind being in a polygamous marriage.

In an interview with SPM Buzz, the 10 over 10 host, she is willing to be married as a second wife as long as she is at peace and wouldn’t have to worry about her man’s whereabouts.

According to her, the media industry is already stressful and doesn’t need additional stress caused by relationships.

“Sina shida na kuwa mke wa pili. I’d rather be peaceful knowing kama hayuko kwa Fatuma, yuko kwangu. Imagine we are stressing about media every single day, nastressiwa client hajanilipa na this na that halafu tena nistressiwe ati sijui uko na nani. Mi nitapiga simu kwa first wife,… ‘oya yuko kwako?” she said.

Azeezah said that she would have a perfect relationship with her co-wife, chipping in to help her whenever she is at a standstill.

“I am a calm woman, sipendi pressure. Wanaume, kisisi, wanakubalika kuwa na  mke wa pili wa tatu wa nne. Muhimu unaezaangalia wote,” she said.

On further interrogation about her current relationship status, she responded that she’s still single.

“Nazeeka mimi, Haminitoi soko?” said Azeezah after the interviewer wished her a happy birthday. Furthermore, she says that there are contenders.

The interviewer asked her the qualities that she would love her husband to have.

” Mimi worth yangu haiko kwa shilingi, worth yangu ni how you value people,” she added.  She went on to say  that she needs someone that is not in the same class with her.

“You must be hardworking, lazima uwe a very calm man, ana na pesa zake,”  She said. “He should be a car owner, we cant all use motorbikes. I need someone who inspires me. Not someone we fall in the same class with.”

In addition to this, Azeezah  said she would love a man who is not on social media. She claims that  social media people are  stubborn, noting that she prefers a businesman.

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