Akothee, who proclaimed herself as the president of single mothers, has reacted to the ongoing parental drama between Nigerian dancer and singer Korra Obidi and her white ex-husband Justin Dean.

Recently, Dean won a case against Korra, barring her from sharing videos and photos of their two children online. Korra lamented about the move, begging help from fans to get funds as well as a good lawyer, who would help her reverse the court’s ruling, arguing that the children play a huge role in her work as an entertainer.

In a lengthy post on social media, Akothee noted that co-parenting can turn one into a mental patient if it is not treated with maturity. She noted that both Korra and Justin are toxic.

She urged Korra to stop bullshit and told Justin on the other hand to leave Korra alone and allow her to share images of their children, and also give her time to collect herself.

“One person must be sober or else this thing happening between the two is death. This kind of push and pull and living someone else’s life is bullshit,” the mother of five wrote.

Korra, her ex and their daughter


“And for Kora, stop this bullshit, you will swallow your tongue, my daughter. Men are not emotionally attached to children. I don’t say they don’t love their children, but the pain you feel while fighting for the children is double that of a man. If I were you, I would try to make peace. See, Justin has now de-harmed you, that’s men. My baby daddy also told me he doesn’t want to see any man post photos with his son. It’s a men thing, but it has no weight, he is just reminding you that he has shares and say over his children, oh yes, he contributed,” she added.

Akothee noted that Justin had a say on how his children are handled if he was to take responsibility of them.

“Whether he is malicious, bitter, or genuine. You can take this to the bank. I find both of you very toxic on this parenting issue, and it looks like both of you need help. I swear you both were never friends; you were dating your enemies, both of you were sleeping with an enemy,” she said.

Sharing her own experience, Akothee said that co-parenting drama still makes her shed tears up to date. She also noted that it was not right for Korra to run for help to fans.

“Kora, I am 43, and my baby daddy still makes me cry. My son is 15, my other son just turned 11. Up until yesterday, I still burst into tears. This co-parenting needs maturity, patience, and understanding, not thorax. Wait, you are asking for financial support from fans to support a legal case. Fans are not your family. As a celebrity, they look up to you, they will not do this a second time, you will still have to find ways of earning a living.

“But just know, my daughter, you won’t finish this co-parenting battle. This thing is bigger than all of us. Your babies are less than 4 years. Korra, you have 14 years of crying, crawling, begging, and suffocating, and at this rate, someone amongst the two of you is going to lose it. You two behave like day and night, Sadam Hussein, Russia fight. Haloo, what is wrong Kora and Justin? ” she said.

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