Singer Esther Akothe Kokeyo ‘Akothee’ has taken to social media to lament about the consequences she is facing for being generous.

According to her, she helped a single mother along with her children but the woman has proved irresponsible towards her children and disrepectful towards her and her employeed.

“It appears that I’ve become a target for exploitation. I’ve generously provided shelter and resources to a single mother with six children, offering them a home, land for agriculture, food, water, free electricity, and education for all her children. However, despite my efforts, this woman displays a troubling lack of responsibility towards her children,” she stated.

“Her laziness is evident as she neglects her parental duties. Moreover, her ex-husband’s actions, demolishing her previous residence, have led her to seek refuge in my compound without permission. She freely enters my home and helps herself to whatever she desires without bothering to ask,”Akothee further explained.

To make matters worse, the said woman invited her ex-husband to live in Akothee’s premises.

“To compound the situation, she invites her ex-husband to stay with her, causing further disruption and even disrespecting my employees. This scenario has left me questioning the wisdom of my initial generosity and wondering how I became entangled in such a problematic situation. I am so hurt,” she said.

Her fans and followers have encouraged her not to regret about being generous as others advised her to kick the woman out of her compound.

“Akothee Help but don’t allow yourself to be used. There’s a reason some people people are in bad situations. It’s their choices. Let her deal with the consequences of her own choices. Don’t allow her in your compound anymore. Her situation should no longer stress you,” a Facebook user said

Akothee runs charity works and so far she is educating about 70 children in her foundation

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