Bien Baraza a vocalist ,song writer ,guitarist and a former member of the Sauti Sol boyband can’t seem to hide the fact that he is putting the Kenyan music industry on the global map .

His recent release sex and marijuana single from his album, Alusa why are you topless, has earned him positive feedback from his fans many showing impressive reactions thus  a promising look for the Kenyan music industry .

It’s evident beyond reasonable doubts that the music industry in Kenya has had it’s  fair share of fails making the likes of bongo, Afrobeat and Amapiano rule the Kenyan air waves for a while .

Bien however is confident that he has been the leading artist in the country for the past 10 years.

In a recent interview when asked if this is his year of massive success he confidently states that every year is his year .

“Honestly every year people talk about the top three artists for the last 10 years  it’s   been me and two other new people ,so it’s always been  my year I am grateful for my gift, I honour my gift, I give it all. Thank God,”he said .

Since Sauti Sol’s split with members embarking on personal music projects, it’s crystal clear that Bien has had a good musical record  capturing his audience attention with well thought lyrics.

Apart from that the album tours outside the country have really contributed to his success journey the artists not only pulls masses to his concert but also has had a series of  totally sold out concerts abroad .

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