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Radio personality Mwalimu Rachel has explained why she had to turn down two job offers and generous packages from Kiss 100 before finally saying yes.

Mwalimu Rachel recently joined the Radio Africa owned station after leaving NRG, where she had been working for 6 years.

She was first persuaded to join Kiss while she was still at HomeBoyz Radio.

“The first time Kiss wanted me to join their team, I was still at HomeBoyz, which was a rival station at the time. My show was flourishing, and they were asking me to jump ship,” Rachel explained.

The offers and salary increments were tempting but she felt a strong commitment to her project then. Her decisions were guided by her dedication to her career and her vision for her show.

“Nikaangalia hivi nikasema noo! Something tells me it’s not the right time. They came for me twice and with every offer they increased the salary offer.”

“Sometimes when you have a dream and you want to see it to the very end, you have to turn down great packages, and money.,” the mother of one said.

Mwalimu Rachel finally says yes to Kiss 100

The time was now right, and everything seems aligned with her aspirations and personal growth. She had nothing holding her back from accepting the offer which she did.

“The timing was right. Everything sort of aligned. I am in that period where you can see I am transitioning. I have more to offer because I am now getting into a new space in my life,” she said.

Her transition matches well with Kiss brand, which is energetic and can speak in the space of a presenter, a businesswoman, a mother and a career woman.

“I am older so I can offer more sound advice to young people. I can speak in the space of a presenter, a businesswoman, a mother, and a career woman, and somebody who still aspires for more in life,” she shared.

Mwalimu Rachel is embracing this opportunity and will be co-hosting the Kiss Drive show alongside Xclusive connecting with a wider audience to one of the country’s top radio stations.

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