Willy Paul’s latest hit “Na Na Na,” featuring Tanzanian artist Marioo, has achieved a great popularity  by becoming the most Shazamed song in Tanzania.

This song track, from his album “The Gifted,” has captivated many listeners and solidified its place at the top of music list across the country.

Willy Paul, began his musical journey at the age of 18 years with his first single song “Sitolia” featuring Gloria Muliro the famous gospel artist. He started as a gospel artist winning fans all over the country quickly gaining him recognition with his modern gospel songs and then he took an unexpected turn as he ventured into secular music.

His rise to fame was marked  by the success of “Ruka” in 2014, which set the stage for a string of hits including “Hallelujah,” “Pozze,” “Nikune,” and “Dondosha.”

“Na Na Na” stands out not only for its catchy tune but also for its powerful collaboration with Marioo, a prominent figure in the Tanzanian music scene. Marioo, whose real name is Omari Mwanga, has made a name for himself with popular tracks such as “Bia Tamu,” “Mama Amina,” “Dear Ex,” “Raha,” “Mi Amor,” and “Naogopa.”

The success of “Na Na Na” on Shazam emphasize the song’s wide spread and its resonance with listeners. Shazam, an app used by millions to identify music by detecting the song being played, reflects real-time interest and engagement with tracks, making this achievement particularly significant.

Willy Paul and Marioo’s collaboration is a testament to the power of cross-border musical partnerships in East Africa. As the most Shazamed song in Tanzania, “Na Na Na” not only highlights Willy Paul’s great and enduring talent but also shows Marioo’s influence and the vibrant music scene in Tanzania.

As “Na Na Na” continues to dominate the airwaves, fans can look forward to more innovative and exciting projects from Willy Paul, who remain at the forefront and now crossing borders to the East African music industry.


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