Multi-Award Winning Media Personality, Azeezah Hashim is returning to radio monthly after joining Royal Media Services’ Citizen TV.

The 25-year old has landed a show at Hot 96, one of RMS radio stations and is set to begin  her new role on Monday 10th June.

Taking to her IG account, Azeezah  happily revealed that she’s back on radio and will be hosting the mid-morning show every Monday to Friday  from 10:00am to 1:00pm.

“We’re back on radio. The queen of mid mornings,” she stated.

Azeezah has been working as a host on 10/10 after she replaced Willis Raburu last year who joined TV 47 after working for 13 years at royal media.


Azeezah Hashim chose to pursue media after attempting her other childhood  dream professions, such as aviation and medicine.

She decided to sponsor herself  as the transfer under government sponsorship was unsuccessful. She pursued a bachelors degree in journalism and media studies at the University of Nairobi.

She started her career at campus radio, where she was required to host a one hour political show.

After a month, she agreed to work as a content curator at the at What’s up studios, an online tv station in Lavington.

Later, she briefly joined Mstar, another online radio station, before it shut down.

While still employed by Shaumi, she served as an assistant marketing manager for FOMO TV.

Eventually, Azeezah quit her lucrative marketing position to host a free drive radio show. However, her father issued her a three-month ultimatum, telling her to find a suitable employment or change careers.

She  is  known for her incredible voice and charismatic on-air presence.

She bid a heartfelt farewell last year in September to NRG Radio Kenya after an eventful and transformative journey that began in May 2021.

The talented media personality joined NTV teen republik in November 2021 and worked there for two years with Joseph Maina before quitting. In October 2023, she was announced the new host for 10 over 10 along with Gudaman

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