James Wanjohi, a businessman also known as a city pastor, refutes claims of defrauding 4,000 Kenyans of Ksh.600 million under the guise of providing visas for overseas travel. The allegations led to a police raid on Worthstart Africa offices in Nairobi’s Pension Towers on April 24, following statements from victims who accused Wanjohi, the company’s director, of scamming them.

pastor wanjohi

In a video circulating online, Wanjohi dismisses the accusations, attributing them to political adversaries seeking to tarnish his reputation. He suggests that the animosity stems from his unsuccessful bid for the Roysambu parliamentary seat in the 2022 General Election.

Wanjohi clarifies that he no longer serves as a preacher at the Jesus Culture Ministry, having ventured into entrepreneurship with his company, which has operated for less than a year. He emphasizes that his company, Worthstart, primarily facilitates visa applications and cannot guarantee approval, as the decision lies with the respective embassies.

Addressing concerns about processing 4,000 clients within a short timeframe, Wanjohi asserts that his rivals aim to discredit his company. He claims to have evidence of clients who successfully obtained visas through his company and traveled to the United States and Canada.

Wanjohi defends his company’s practices, stating that they charge minimal profits of ksh 5000 and offer free reapplication for clients denied visas, likening it to legal or medical services where payment is still expected despite unfavorable outcomes.

” We do  Visa facilitations but not everyone gets a visa just like any company in Kenya, because we are not ambassadors?” He claimed.

Despite losing staff members due to the allegations becoming public, Wanjohi pledges to cooperate with the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) to clear his name. He expresses surprise at being unaware of the accusations until he returned to Kenya and received notifications on his local SIM card.

During the raid, victims reported paying fees ranging from Ksh.100,000 to Ksh.140,000 to Worthstart Africa for job application processing and visa fees, with promises of overseas employment within three months. However, many claim they received no response or updates after making payments, leading to suspicions of fraud.

“Hivi ukikosa kushinda kesi ina maana hautalipa wakili? ukipeleka mgonjwa hospitalini akose kupona ama akufe ina maana hautalipa bill ya hospitali?” the pastor concluded .

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