A woman has accused her pastor of defrauding her out of Ksh2.6 million in what she believed would be a productive investment.

The woman moving to court demanded a refund of her money saying that the only reason she invested with the pastor was because she trusted him as a man of God.

The man of God, according to the woman, was supposed to buy and look after a herd of cattle for her at his home after he had reassure her of his capability to do it.

However, her efforts to visit the pastor’s house to check on cows proved futile as he evaded communication with the lady.

“When I tried asking him if I could see the cows, he evaded me stating the cows had moved to greener pastures. Eventually, he switched off his phone,” said the lady

Having known the man of God for a long time, the woman says she sent Ksh1,020,000 through her phone after withdrawing it from her bank and later sending it to two of his phones.

“I trusted the pastor so much and I did not disagree with whatever he said to the extent that I never entered into an agreement with him,” stated the lady

In another incident the lady says had committed a newly purchased car to the same pastor for prayers.

She however reveals that afterwards the pastor took the vehicle into his possession for over six months alleging that he was still not done committing the car to prayers.

The lady says she had to seek help from the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) to help her repossess it.

After numerous failed attempts to reach the pastor, the lady moved to court requesting for them to have him refund her money saying that he played her into sending him the money.




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