Brookhurst International School in Lavington is trending for all the wrong reasons. This is after one of the female students was captured bullying her fellow colleague.

In the video that has widely been condemned, the student confronted her colleague as she pulled her before raining several slaps on her. The assault happened inside the classroom

“I am talking to you,” the bully could be heard..

In a separate video, the same student was seen quarrelling her colleague outside the classes.

Brookhurst has broken silence on the matter saying it is aware of it and it will be addressed internally.

“We want to empasize that we do not condone any form of violence, conflict or discord among our students. We are currently addressing this issue while actively engaging the parents of the students,” Brookhurst said in a statement.


Kenyans have however expressed mixed reactions about the incident some saying bullying shouldn’t be tolerated in schools.

“Parents please teach your kids how to stand up for themselves because if the bully’s parents can’t deal with their child, I will personally deal with her even if directly. This is sad to see,” said an X user.

Another wrote that, “What’s so significant to be heard that can warrant such beating? Why would one take their child to the so called international school only to end up being treated as a nobody? I went to a village school and I can still write perfect grammer with the cadence that goes with it.”

Cases of bullying are common in schools and in some instances they have turned tragic.

In New Jersey, US, a student ended her life in early 2023 after being bullied in school. She was accosted while walking on the hallway with her boyfriend, leading to an assault. The incident was captured on camera, and was uploaded online, further subjecting the 14-year old to cyber bullying.

Two days later, she committed suicide at home because of  “emotional distress, humiliation, and embarrassment”, as stated in the lawsuit against her school.

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