Interior Principal Secretary has announced that the government has closed down at least 6,931 bars and clubs near residential estates and schools countrywide.

Interior PS said that enforcement actions are being taken against bars located in residential areas and near schools as well as establishments operating outside stipulated hours.

“Consequently, 6,931 premises have been closed and alcoholic stocks confiscated,” Omollo said.

This comes after Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki ordered the immediate closure of bars and clubs within the residential estates and learning institution.

“Any licenses currently issued to bars and other outlets and premises by county governments that are contrary to the provisions of the Alcoholic Drinks Control Act, especially as relates to licensing of premises within residential areas and around basic educational institutions are null and void. County Security Teams are to secure shut down and seizure of such premises with immediate effect,” Kindiki said.

While issuing the order, Kindiki gave a stern warning to building owners who rent out spaces for such establishments shall be held accountable.

“All landlords or premise owners shall be deemed aiders and abetters thereof and be held liable for renting out space for the establishment of bars/ wines and spirits outlets in prohibited areas pursuant to section 20(c) of the Penal Code,” Kindiki said.

The public has been urged to actively participate in safeguarding communities by reporting any establishments within their residential areas to relevant authorities.

Additionally, Omollo has indicated that around 804 chemists and 761 agrovets have also been shut down in a countrywide crackdown.

This move the PS stated is part of the interventions that are aimed at protecting public health and ensure national security.

“County security teams have been empowered to implement the 25 directives including shutting down all unlicensed manufacturers, distilleries, agrovets and chemists within 10 days,” PS Omollo said.


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