President William Ruto’s press secretary Emmanuel Talam has admitted that the late Rita Tinina was his crush during their college days.

During the burial ceremony of Rita, who until her death worked at NTV, the former journalist said that he was smitten by Rita such that he hoped he would make her his wife in future.

Rita however declined to give him the golden opportunity, saying that studying came first.

“My friend Robert take no offence. When Rita came to KIMC because we joined on the same day, in same class, I thought she was going to be my wife. She was so beautiful, brown and she was Maasai. I thought I had found a wife, but one day, aliona nimekuja sana akaniambia, ‘young man wacha haraka you will get a wife. Tusome kwanza’, ” Talaam shared to the amusement of mourners.


He further revealed that he anonymously dedicated her a love song in a popular love show on radio.

“I have come to confess that I am the anonymous guy who sent Rita a special song. A song that I have found out is symbolic ‘From a Distance’,” Talaam said

Taking to the podium, Kitutu Chache South MP Anthony Kibagendi also revealed that he suffered the safe as Talaam as Rita denied him chance.

MP Anthony Kibagendi
Emanuel Talam

Rita refused to be with Kibagendi because she was older than him.

“It is not only Talam who had a crush on her. Her voice was sweet, and despite her being older than me, I threw my shot at her, but she declined and told me was older than me,” he said.


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