Baba Talisha

Baba Talisha, a close friend of the late Brian Chira, has come out to end speculations and controversies surrounding his death.

Chira was laid to rest on Tuesday March 26, and many have come up with allegations that his death was intentional. Some even suggested that he should have not been buried that quickly to allow investigations into the matter.

Addressing claims that Chira was shot, Baba Talisha has however provided results of the autopsy that was conducted on his body. The results indicate that Chira died of multiple organ injuries and blunt force trauma on his head.

“Multiple organs injuries , blunt force trauma. Nataka mniambie risasi gani ilikuwa hapa. Tulienda tukaona mtu alimfanyia postmortem kutuelezea kila kitu. This is the postmortem. Pale imeandikwa RTI, meaning that is a road accident incident. The lungs the kidney were totally damaged. The heart ilikuwa imerapture. Mimi nataka mniambie risasi inaendendaga inagonga roho inaenda hadi kwa kidney na lungs zinarapture,” he said

The postmortem was attended by Baba Talisha, Brian Chira’s grandma, his aunt and a traffic police officer. The grandma and Baba Talisha couldn’t however stay to the end of the exercise.

“Because Chira’s head was open, usually in postmortems they open the head or heart, so for Chira’s postmortem they opened the middle part of the body. When they began the operation, I couldn’t wait. I have never witnessed such things, I decided to leave,” Baba Talisha said.

He also explained the reason behind the delay in making the autopsy report public.

“I saw people complaining why is the postmortem taking too long. This copy was supposed to go back to the police station with the traffic police officer. We did post-mortem before his body was removed from the mortuary. It was a must for the postmortem to be conducted before the body was transferred from City Mortuary. Then the police went with the report to the traffic base for it to be stamped. Without the stamps, the report is null and void. The document should be certified,” the father of one said.

“Then we were working to see Brian get moved from City Mortuary to KU Mortuary because those who went there saw the conditions there. I was helping his gramdmother to take Brian out of the place,” he further explained.

The document had been in police hands since then as they went about with funeral arrangements.

“We were to take the form on the day we would get chance. Then the only person who can be handed the form is only family one close family and that was the grandmother. I couldn’t be given the copy even if my name is on it. Shosho was not in the right state to go and pick this form because she had a lot of things. I have seen rumors I have seen people create content nasema wow so mlikuwa na Brian siku alikuwa anauliwa. Kama hata ni risasi mimi nakaa 900m from the scene of accident,” he said.

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