Congratulations are pouring in for Boina, a digital creator known for her insatiable appetite on TikTok, as she takes on a new role as a presenter at NRG Radio.

The young lady shared videos showing what she ate in a day, including meals and numerous snacks. Kenyans on TikTok were astounded by her appetite, with some comparing it to that of construction workers.

She has gained popularity over the past months that she has landed endorsements with lucrative restaurants and other companies.


However, Boina faced backlash after a dispute with a Kenyan makeup artist over crediting. This controversy caused a stir on social media, with some fans questioning her character and calling for her cancellation.

Boina, TikTok Sensation, Joins NRG Radio as Presenter Despite Controversy: Here’s What You Need to Know

Despite the controversy, Boina impressed during auditions for the Wild MVPs competition at NRG Radio. Out of thousands of aspiring presenters, she secured a spot in the top 25 and was welcomed to the NRG family on their official Instagram page.

Announcing on their official Instagram page, NRG, while celebrating their 6th anniversary, welcomed Boina on board after successfully going through the competition.

“Welcome to the NRG family @thisgirhlboina. Upwards and onwards.” NRG captioned on their post. Boina expressed gratitude to God for the opportunity.

Among the rest of Radio presenters and DJs is Kapinto, a TikToker renowned for his entertaining viral videos. One of his signature acts involves him hilariously jumping up and down wearing heels, captivating viewers with his charm and wit.

While Boina’s supporters congratulated her, others voiced concerns about her qualifications, arguing that those with formal education in journalism should have been chosen instead.

@francis-a-osore said: Na kuna mtu alienda shule ndio apate hii job. poor kenyan

@boninyoike : what will she be hosting, lunch time with Boina? NRG eats? best food good prices with NRG with Boina?

@thegr8wis: Huyu atakula hizo microphones

@kikuviyolanda: i’m proud of her though i doubt ifr she studied journalism

@maflootah: uyu atakula story mshangae

@dionysius-ke: wenye wanafanya degree in journalism first class honours i have a car wash business for y’all

@________.franzzzo: atakula Vyombo vya habari

@e.m.o.h.a.w : she will give us no tea juu atakunywa yote

Despite the criticism, Boina’s fans are excited about her new journey in radio. Some jokingly speculated about her role, suggesting shows like “Lunchtime with Boina” or “NRG Eats” featuring her love for food.




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