Leo Ndio pastor ameamua kufinish kumalo!

After suffering with dry spell for many years since separating with Betty Bayo, self proclaimed Prophet Victor Kanyari is looking forward to the day he will have a woman in his bed.

During a Live TikTok session, the controversial preacher said that with the current weather, he would even bother to wake up.

“Wangapi watakuja kukula wali wa nyama. For the first time nitakuwa na msichana jameni, na vile kuna baridi ya mafuriko mimi sitawahi kutoka kwa kitanda. Nitakuwa nashinda hivi,” he said as he demonstrated what would be going on. “Nitaambia Mungu nimeomba hii miaka yote let me sleep.”

“Kwanza nipate msichana mnono, mimi hapo katikati nakaa kwenye kachondo. Naulizwa ATM ya bank iko wapi? Ndio hii mum, leta pin ya Mpesa. Ndio hii mum. Uko na billions ngapi unapeana TikTok? Ndio hizi. Title deed ya shamba iko wapi,” he further said.

Kanyari went on to say that men who love their women will go ahead to give them their title deeds, even without second thoughts. The preacher advised men to prove they love their women by giving them men.

“I tell the youths to stop loving their wives a lot. Leave love for their mothers, you should instead look for money to give to your wife. Girl child loves money and you are here offering love and sending pant-less emojis, sending someone a lot of emojis, telling them how you love them, all that can be combined into one thing and send through M-pesa” Kanyari said.

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While admitting that he was not yet married, Kanyari recently said that he will soon get a good woman to marry from TikTok.

“Right now I want to marry and I will get a good woman here on TikTok. Don’t tell me that people should know each other first, there is nothing like thata. If you love each go for it. If it works out well and good, if it fails it is okay, for me I will come back to TikTok and say I had married this one but we can no longer stand each other,”  he said

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