Veteran radio presenter Fred Obachi Machoka has expressed his displeasure of a Valentine’s Day meme that was shared by NRG radio Kenya.

The meme featured the station’s presenter Natalie Githinji in an awkward posture, portraying what she would offer her better half on Valentine’s.

Retweeting the same, Machoka said such antics were ruining the media  profession.

He called upon the station’s management pull down the post, which he referred to as ugly.

“This is a sign of desperation, makes the profession look cheap which is unfortunate…….. @NRGRadioKenya Management should ask this good lady to pull down this ugly poster down. I am sure decent ladies frown upon such antics!!!” Machoka said.

A section of netizens agreed with Machoka, with some noting that the station was not so keen on morals and ethics. Others however had diverse opinions.

“Mzee. This is not 2009 when you used to make noise for us on radio 😬. Times have changed, she has a choice to post whatever she wants. NRG has a target audience, same for your boring radio show back then,” an X user commented.

This is however not the first time NRG is causing heated discussion on such topics online. In January a female employee at the station’s Ugandan branch stirred reactions after dancing suggestively to her white boss as they surprised him on his birthday.

“It’s been a bright Monday for the head of Broadcasting. Happy Birthday to you @kevinbellwood, to another year of sharing great Vibes together,” the video that was shared on their social media platforms was captioned.

The video captured the female employee doing a lap dance for her boss as her colleagues cheered her.

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