Alfred Mathu, the lead consultant of the Hisa Africa Insurance Agency has said that most Kenyans sink into debts because they lack a proper planning of the resources they have.

According to him, resources are divided into two; Bread which represents the daily needs and Seeds which are should be able to take care of the future.

“When it comes to resources, we have  two broad categories. The first category is what we call the bread. The second category is what we call the seed. The bread is what we need for sustenance today and tomorrow and onwards and this specifically comprises majorly  our needs,” he said during an interview with Uptown Radio’s Entrepreneurs’ Spot.

“When it comes to the seeds, this is what will take care of our future needs.”

Mathu however noted that since most people fail to plan on their resources, they end up using both bread and seeds at ago, subjecting them to consequences in future.

“For you to be able to get value out of the seed you must first plant it allow it grow and give you more. The greatest problem with our Kenyan people, because you are living for today we become spendthrifts. Most of the people  will eat the bread and seeds and that leaves you with nothing for tomorrow.”

Aside from debts, consuming ‘seeds’ has also forced people to depend on others.

“We have got to change the narrative and start planning,” the financial doctor said.

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