James Maina Ng’ang’a, the founder and preacher at Neno Evangelism, has revealed that his hotel business is struggling.

According to him, the business is not doing well because the establishment doesn’t sell alcohol, bhang and condoms.

“Niko na hoteli yangu na hii hoteli haifanyi kazi kwasababu siuzangi bangi, na condom na pombe. Natamani Mungu aniambie niuze tu ama nipeane ifanywe hospitali,” he said while preaching in his church.

According to him, hotel businesses can’t thrive if there is no alcohol, condoms and bang. He urged pastors and men of God to avoid venturing into such businesses

“Christians don’t sleep in hotels. They prefer to sleep at their brothers’ or church mate’s places. If you are pastor, don’t construct a hotel. If you want you can construct rentals houses, there you can’t be forced to put bhang,” Pastor Ng’ang’a said.

Ng’ang’a noted that initially, he used to sell the items and all the 70 rooms in the hotel would be filled.

“Eventually, I was like no, how can I sell alcohol yet I preach to people to stop drinking? How can I tell them to stop adultery when I am selling condoms. I put that to a stop,” he said.

The controversial preacher is  however embroiled in a court battle over the land that hosts his church, which is located along Haile Selassie Avenue and Uhuru Highway in Nairobi.

Appearing before the National Assembly, Ng’ang’a told MPs that he bought the land from Central Bank of Kenya.

“I approached the Central Bank and the people involved in the transactions quoted a retail price of Ksh32 million. I was supposed to pay 10 per cent and the rest within 90 days. I went to a local bank which helped me pay the amount in the form of a loan.

“Later, I found the said plot of land put up for sale at Kenya Gazette. We applied again and they insisted I pay Ksh42 million. We signed the agreement and the bank paid the amount. I began paying off the debt and completed it in 2008. We signed an agreement and I was given the title ‘Neno Evangelism Centre,” he said.

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