Chingi Boy

Stevo Simple Boy’s immediate former manager Chingi Boy has come out to explain how the rapper ended up in Kibra.

Speaking to 2mbili TV, Chingi Boy said that Stevo’s brother came for him the next day after he fainted on TV and took him to Kibra. The brother however took over Stevo’s house in Buruburu, which Chingi Boy was paying rent.

“I called the caretaker and told him I can’t go one catering for the rent. I was paying for the artist but if they are the ones staying there they should pay. I couldn’t manage, I am just a young boy trying to hustle,” he said

On the day Stevo fainted, Chingi Boy said that he dropped him at the  TV station and was not with him during the incident since he was attending to other issues but he rushed to him as soon as he heard the news.

“Familia yake inajua mbona Stevo alianguka. Si njaa, mweneyewe nilimpikia. Hajui kupika mi hata namfunza sahi anajua kupika tu mayai, ugali ya uji na chai kidogo. Hajawahianguka before,” he said adding that the family was not wishing him well.

Chingi Boy further said that the family is interested in Stevo’s social media accounts, which he is yet to release to them.

“Stevo’s family doesn’t wish him well and those who have been close to him know. That family wasn’t able to go and talk to Vaga(Stevo’s former manager). I realized Vaga wishes the best for Stevo after talking to him and he asked me to go with Stevo. I talked to him and he gave us the accounts,” Chingi Boy said.

Vaga however asked him to get him some money so that he can fully surrender the accounts as they were not helping him.

“I spend almost Kshs150,000 to get the accounts. He wanted 300K for Instagram and YouTube accounts.

Chingi Boy said that whoever will want to manage Stevo will have to buy the accounts from him because he spend money to get them.

“I told them I don’t want compensation on the  music and things we did with Stevo. I just want the money that I gave Vaga and Stevo will go on with his life. I took them because they were unable to get them. They should just pay me my money and  I  will leave Stevo but I can’t hold on to his accounts,” he said.


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