Amber Ray

Renown influencer and entrepreneur Amber Ray has once again denied claims of undergoing cosmetic surgery to enhance her appearance especially her butt.

The mother of two shared an throwback photo, to prove that she was well endowed even before fame and money.

“Coz it’s throw back Thursday 🥳🥳 wale wa oo hiyo matako si yake ni surgery …. Hii ni nyinyi???🤣 Wacha pesa ya surgery…ata ya human hair I didn’t have🤣🙆🏻‍♀️ …my a$$ is organic!…..and hapa my son was 4 years 🥰. …sema kutoka mbali,” Amber said.

Several people who reacted to the photo were still unconvinced that her butt is natural. According to one, currently her butt is bigger than before.

“But imegrow Sana this was small,” the netizen noted.

Another supported Amber Ray saying, “Personally I have known Amber Ray ata before apate Gavin back in Kahawa West….hajapata figure juzi imekuwa tangu kitambo.”

“@iam_amberay waniulize mm hapa 🥰From highschools she was that natural,” another said.


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Previously, Amber Ray has attributed her curvaceous body to Ukambani genes.

“No sikudunga it is just that I can’t allow you to touch it but you could feel it is natural,” Amber said told Obinna

“People will always say a lot of stuff walisema vitu mingi tena sana (they said a lot of stuff) but you just let them be. It is very real what you see is very real and me I don’t grow big juu na chini tu, ( I do not grow big around the bust area just around the hips) ukambani things,”the socialite further said.

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