Renown actress Jacky Vike aka Awinja Nyamwalo is celebrating her son as he turns 7 years old.

The online comic, who played the role of a housekeeper in the enormously successful Papa Shirandula TV series, couldn’t keep calm on her son’s big day.

She took to social media to share the transformation that the minor, whom she named Mosi, has undergone over the years.

“Siuuuuuuu!!! Can’t keep it Calm it’s my son’s 7th Birthday! I can’t believe tumetoka Era ya Kupenda Spider man, he is now more into football! It is all he thinks about,” Jacky Vike shared.

She revealed that her son used to love the Spider man videos forcing her to buy play items with spider man mark on them. This has changed now; the boy is now into football, Ronaldo being his favourite player.

“He loves Christiano Ronaldo so much! It’s his dream to meet him, Namba saba Mgongoni na Namba saba ki miaka, sema sabasaba,” she revealed.


The happy mother asked her followers to join her celebrating her son’s big day. She vowed to read all the wishes and comments to Mosi, her son.

“Y’all help me wish Mosi a happy 7th birthday! I promise nitamsomea zote!”

The comedian narrated her past when she used to struggle buying her son different items that have SpiderMan photos. From play items to clothing including socks, night dress etc.

“Niki imagine vile nilikua nang’ang’ana kutafuta vitu za SpiderMan, si socks, si vikombe si nguo za kulala etc, nikiingia soko section ya watoto kitu ya kwanza nauliza ni “Ukona anything ya spidermn?” now here we are he doesn’t even want to look at them,” she explained.

However, Jacky Vike is happy for her son, and she doesn’t regret being in this life journey of her son.

“But it’s a journey I am so proud to be part of,” the mother concluded.

Fans joined her in marking Mosi’s big day, showering him with birthday wishes in the comments section.

Here are some of the wishes from the fans:

osorosoro said: “Happy birthday to this champ!! Kijana akiniona anakimbia jikoni kuniletea food. Sijui mlimwambia nini iyo ati sishibangi!!”

@tulizwa508wellness: “7 is a lucky number…ata Mungu alipumzika siku ya saba, wiki ikona siku saba..nikawahi patana na Ronaldo wakwanza heri nikupigie simu,, anyway happy birthday to the Prince of your heart.”

@minne_cayy: “My birthday mate…happy birthday Mosi. Long life.”

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