Bien Baraza’s club, The Manhattan, will be finding a new home in Nairobi’s posh area Kilimani.

The club was previously based at the Imaara Mall, along Mopmbasa Road, but was closed down after issues with the landlord.

In a statement on April 5, 2024, the club’s management accused the landlord of evicting them unlawfully, breaching contract, intimidation, and harassment.

“Regrettably, The Manhattan has been closed for the past two weeks due to circumstances beyond our control, which we believe amount to breach of contract, intimidation, and harassment by our landlord, Tuffsteel Limited,” the management stated.

“Although we have tried to resolve the issue amicably through our directors, emissaries and repeated requests for mediation, there has been no positive resolution to date.”

“We have therefore sought legal redress to protect the interests of our business and the welfare of our employees, suppliers and business partners. It’s our sincere hope that justice will prevail through the legal system,” the management further said.

The Manhattan was first opened in July 2022 and closed in March 2024 because to a disagreement between the management and the property owner.

Comedian Eric Omondi, Eugene Mbugua, MC Antonio, Chiki Kuruka (Bien’s wife), Eddie Butita, Nick BigFish, and Comedian Carlos Experience were among the prominent people in attendance at the lavish launch.

The Club was strategically situated at the intersection of Mombasa Road and the entrance to the large and densely populated Imara Daima Estate, the best location to attract its customers.

Bien Aime affirmed that he has found a new venue for the club, which will soon be open to partygoers.

He assured everyone that the new club will be bigger and better in spite of the pending legal dispute.

Though the precise location has not yet been disclosed, the singer now claims that preparations are in motion to reopen the well-liked entertainment establishment in Kilimani.

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