Wife, Mother, and Entrepreneur Risper Faith has offered golden advice to women telling them to try and date men who have travelled the world.

The mother of one recently surprised many after saying she cannot leave her husband even if he cheated on her.

Risper speaks to single women looking for partners to date men who are more exposed than men who have never left the country.

In an interview with vloggers, the socialite shared that her hubby lived in the US for 11 years and assert he does not reason like how many Kenyan men do.

“His mind is not like of those men here. Look for summer bunnies. Look for men who have lived abroad. Mbona mnakazana na wanaume wa huku?

“When you borrow money, you get a beating; I don’t know what else he does to you. Look for a man who has left the country and gone to Dubai. His mind has been opened.”

“In short, look for an exposed man mentally. Don’t you love a little money from your money? Risper spoke.

However, the married mother of one, urged women to work for their own money, and ensure that they marry men with money.

“It is good to have your own money as a woman. A man’s money is sweet, but your own money is sweeter,” she added.

Here are some of the comments from netizens:

Sharon: “A well travelled guy reasons different. The conversations are stimulating”

Suzie Suu: “Kuna kaaukweli once umekua exposed kwa life ya nje no going back”

Kanicy: “Exposure is very important…”

The businesswoman shared her thoughts about the major reasons making most marriages fail these days.

She said that most women are so focused on their career that they have no time to take care of their homes, children and husbands.

Risper thinks that men start eying househelp when their wives allow them (househelp) to run the house. This sometimes make them fall in love with her based on how she cooks.

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