Socialite Zari has opened up on why she enjoys a cordial relationship with Zuchu, the most recent girlfriend of her baby daddy Diamond.

In an interview with Tanzanian media outlets, Zari said that Zuchu is a nice person and that it was the right thing to do, as her children spend time with her when they visit Tanzania.

“Watu wanachukulia ati mimi siongei na wanawake wa Diamond. Naongea na Mama NJ naongea na Zuchu hata kama watoto wanakuja Tanzania simtafuti Baba T, nampigia Zuchu. I don’t see a problem. She is a very nice girl. Na watoto wangu wakikuwa huku they are very comfortable kuwa na yeye. It is the right thing to do. Nisipoongea na Zuchu kama ye ndio ana watoto wangu Tanzania does it make sense?” she explained.


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In February, Zuchu announced that she had broken up with Diamond because of disrespect. Many believed that Zari was involved in the break up because of a video that she had done with Diamond to promote his song.

Zari however denied the allegations, admitting that Zuchu was present when the video was recorded. She further said that Zuchu and Diamond had been having their own relationship issues just as she has with her husband Shakib Cham.

“Tulikuwa tunashoot Young Famous and African Diamond askasema nisaidie tufanye promo ya wimbo sababu naona haitembei vizuri. The whole family was there, tena Zuchu kabisa was there alikuwa amesimama na watoto. Ilikuwa hivo tu. Akaondoka na mi nikaenda zangu,” Zari said.




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