Socialite Zari Hassan has addressed the viral video, where by she was holding hands with her baby daddy Diamond.

While captioning the video, Diamond referred to Zari as his sister, sparking wild reactions among fans.

Following the video, Zari’s husband Shakib Cham also shared a cryptic message in what was deemed response to the video.

“May people with pure intentions find people with pure intentions. Social media makes you admire people you should be praying for,” he said

Zari has however come out to clarify the circumstance under which the video was shot. According to her, the video was shot while they were shooting Young Famous and African.

She also agreed to shoot with Diamond as he had requested her to help him promote his latest song.

“Tulikuwa tunashoot Young Famous and African Diamond askasema nisaidie tufanye promo ya wimbo sababu naona haitembei vizuri. The whole family was there, tena Zuchu kabisa was there alikuwa amesimama na watoto. Ilikuwa hivo tu. Akaondoka na mi nikaenda zangu,” Zari said in a phone interview with Millard Ayo.

Zari further denied claims that she was yet to move on from Diamond, saying that he is the father of her children.

“We have a good relationship. Kuna kipindi tumeachana tumekuwa bitter exes kitambo but we passed that stage. Right now we are good with each other, we are friends. Baba T is someone who would call me for advise. When am stuck, I will call him and he would pull through. It has nothing na kusema Zari anampenda Diamond, Diamond bado anampenda Zari, we are just in a good space na maybe watu hawajaona kitu kama hicho kikitokea” she clarified.

The mother of five further said that  the video with Diamond also caused her trouble with Shakib

“Video ikatoka na nikaona mambo yameanza. Shakib was at home na siku hiyo alikuwa anarudi Uganda. Nimefika nyumbani akaniambia mke wangu hivi vitu mbona mi sielewi. Why didn’t you tell me coz when such things come up I look disrespected.

“Tatizo ni sikumwambia Shakib we shot that video. I was supposed to tell him and I din’t. Na hiyo sababu ni makosa yangu coz alishtuka sana alivoona hiyo video. Hapo hapo nikamwomba msamaha,” she explained.

She also dispelled claims being the reason why Zuchu and Diamond broke up recently, saying that they have been having their own issues from the beginning, just as she also has been having issues with her husband

“Mimi na Shakib tumekuwa na matatizo yetu way before hii video. In November-December nilianza kufuta picha zake. Tulikuwa na big issues. Haiwezi kutokea ati ni sasa hivi ndio sijui ndio Shakib anajiweka ama Zuchu anaenda. Zuchu anaendaga every week,” she said.



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