In a heartfelt address at the launch of the first-ever Kenyan reality show on Netflix, “Bahati’s Empire,” Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua urged artists to rise above cyberbullying, drawing similarities between their struggles and those faced by politicians.

The event, attended by a multitude of musicians, creatives, and celebrities, provided a platform for Gachagua to offer his encouragement to Kenya’s creatives and artistic community.

“Most of you artists, like us politicians, go through hell through cyber bullying,” Gachagua remarked, highlighting the intense criticism and online harassment they endure.

His message resonated deeply with many attendees, given that the group was mostly attended by celebrities who shared experience of public life.

Gachagua revealed the impact that bullying can cause, noting that many artists suffer from depression as a result.

“Most artists here have been bullied, some even get depressed,” he noted. Showing the mental health challenges that accompany public attention.

In order to inspire resilience, Gachagua shared a proverb from his community:

“In my community, there is a saying that a tree without fruits will never attract any stones from boys.” He then continued,

“The higher you go, the more the bullying, the more people want to bring you down.The more successful you are, the more envious people around you are.”

His advice to the artists was clear and empowering:

“Please ignore the bullying, be a go getter, be focused.”

Gachagua offered a message of strength and perseverance, urging artists to continue pursuing their dreams despite the negativity they may encounter, sharing his own personal experience.

“If I were to get distracted I wouldn’t be deputy. I have been bullied on online space, political rallies and they were even saying I didn’t know English but the day I went on debate with Martha Karua I knew am not a joke but I never got distracted, they were even saying I didn’t know how to dress,” the second in command said.

The launch of “Bahati’s Empire” marked a significant milestone for Kenyan entertainment, bringing local content to a global platform.

Gachagua also revealed his admirations for Prezzo and music. He said,

“By the way Prezzo Iam your fan I listen to your music. Many people don’t know me, mimi ni mtu ya mziki I love music because it is soothing to the heart and the soul.”

The presence of prominent figures like The deputy president and numerous artists shows the importance of supporting and uplifting the creative community.

His words, it was evident that his support and understanding offered solace and encouragement to those who suffered bullying through their public life.

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