Kenyan Comedian Oliver Otieno popularly known as YY revealed that his wife ,Marya Okoth moved in with him after their first date.

On a recent interview with mic Cheque,YY recalled how on their first date at Art Cafe Garden City, he had stated quite frankly that he wanted to get married to Marya or someone similar right away.

He was honest about wanting to pursue a meaningful relationship instead of just a friendship.


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Marya was apprehensive at first and asked for some time to consider it, but YY was shocked to see that she didn’t require as much time as she had anticipated.

YY made it clear that he used firm words when he told Marya how he felt since he thought it was important to take advantage of possibilities rather than wait to act.

Before devoting both emotional and financial resources to the relationship, he wanted to be sure that they were compatible.

YY’s wife, Marya Okoth, is well-known as an actress and brand influencer in addition to being his partner. YY was struck by Marya’s creative and affectionate nature on their first date.

In a previous interview,Marya said that she felt a connection to YY right away, so she wore his mask without hesitation. She believed that he lacked COVID, which was crucial in the pandemic.

Recalling how fast things moved from their first date to her spending the night at his apartment, Marya commended YY’s determination and capacity for pursuing his goals.

She laughed and said that she didn’t know why she thought he was humorous or fascinating right away.

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