Samuel Ondieki aka Sammy Boy revealed the reasons he told Oga Obinna to pull down the video of an interview they did four days ago.

He said that he demanded for it to be pulled down as it did not favor him in any way and only painted him in a bad light.

”I demanded it to be pulled down as the interview did not favour me in any way,” he began.

He accused Oga Obinna of making fun of him, as his continued sarcasm during the interview made him look like a clown.

”When you make sarcasm out of it you make me look like a clown, belittling me yaani unanifanya nikae nkama sijielewi we all have our breaking point,” he continued

Sammy stated that Obinna would be the only beneficiary after the interview airs as he would earn from it yet to him it would tarnish his reputation and brand as a whole.

”How is the interview benefitting me if by any chance you are making me look like a clown? If I dont gain anything from the interview I don’t need you to talk bad about my name,” he said.

Sammy also cautioned Obinna not to call him to an interview to make him look bad and like he does not know what he is saying.

”Usiniite kwa interview kunifanya nkae nikama sijui kenye nasema,” he cautioned as he also claimed how he lost a brand due to that interview.

”I lost a brand because of the same interview”  he angrily said

He concluded the video with a message to all the people who might want to interview him in the future

”And for the people who want to call me for the interview, try to understand why we are there, not making jokes after every sentence, making someone look like a clown in front of the whole world.” he concluded.

Obinna had earlier expressed frustrations about being asked to pull down the interview. He however vowed not to do so because of the resources that he had already spend on it.

“You come for an interview, and you sit down and talk. When you reach down and tell the person who interviewed you to pull down the interview, know that now you are messing with things because there is time, energy and effort that was put behind it. And also the financial muscle that was put behind the interview.

“It does not happen like that if you shoot something, and you intend it to go online, know that it can turn out in two ways. S*ck it up. We never go and delete the interview or start editing a part. It comes with the job,” he said.

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