Comedian and YouTuber Oga Obinna has turned 34 years old.

The excited father of four took to his Instagram account to celebrate the milestone, sharing photos of himself beside a luxurious car that he has bought himself.

He further noted that he has been able to achieve three of his main goals, affirming that God has his own time and ways of doing things .

” 34 on a 4 x 4,happy birthday to me it’s half year and I have achieved my 3 main goals this year it’s true God has his own time and way of doing things ,Asanteni Obinna fam for the texts and calls and calls and Dmz I really appreciate sasa tumeni kakitu yawa,” he wrote.

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The artist had previously revealed that he intends to upgrade to a different model of car with each new stage of his life, as that is how it should be.

Last year Obinna posed next to the multimillion Volkswagen Touareg SUV, holding a drink, and accompanied the photo with a note stating that he decided to appreciate himself with this small gift.

“I’m one of the rare people who don’t know how to quit. Always calm, but alert. Relaxed, but ready. Smooth, but sharp,” he wrote.

The artist poses with quite a range of cars, including a Mercedes Benz, which he acquired in 2022 while working at Kiss 100, and  a Toyota Harrier Hybrid.

However, previously, one of his baby Mamas claimed that one of his car was allegedly funded by a sugar mummy .

This saw Obinna publicly threaten to repossess the car he had gifted her, along with other valuables, during an outbursts 

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