In a deeply moving Facebook post, Onderi Joseph, a student at Pwani University, has opened up about his emotional turmoil following a breakup, shedding light on the profound impact of mental health struggles.

Joseph’s heartfelt message resonates with raw vulnerability as he shares his anguish over the end of his relationship.

“At our best you were my everything. You do know how much I cared for you although I wasn’t providing you financially,” he confessed, revealing the depth of his affection despite his financial limitations.

The passage of time has not eased Joseph’s pain; instead, he finds himself consumed by depression. “Depression has won the battle over me,” he lamented, articulating the overwhelming weight of his emotional burden.

Throughout his post, Joseph expressed the significance of his former partner in his life. “You know how much you meant to me, a pillar to my life,” he wrote, underscoring the profound emotional attachment he had formed.

The breakup itself was fraught with external pressures, with Joseph attributing their separation to the disapproval of his girlfriend’s friends. Despite resisting advances from others, Joseph ultimately felt betrayed, adding another layer of anguish to his already fragile emotional state.

In a poignant address to his parents, Joseph offered a heartfelt apology for the challenges they endured while raising him. Expressing his fear of returning home in a casket, Joseph’s words convey a profound sense of despair and resignation.

To his siblings, Joseph’s message struck a chord of estrangement, as he reflected on the strained nature of their relationship. Even in his darkest hour, Joseph couldn’t help but acknowledge the financial tensions that underscored their interactions.

While Joseph anticipated the support of his relatives during his time of need, he couldn’t help but lament their absence when it mattered most. Their expected contributions to his sendoff offered little solace in the face of his profound emotional turmoil.

Despite his pain, the Pwani University concluded his message on a note of gratitude and forgiveness. Celebrating his parents as unsung heroes, he expressed well wishes to his ex-girlfriend, signalling a bittersweet farewell to the past.

screenshot of Onderi’s message



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