Guardian Angel’s wife Esther Musila has advised parents to let their children be when it comes to making decisions about who they want to marry, and only intervene when the situation seems extreme.

In a conversation with her husband on her YouTube channel

“We should be allowed to marry whoever it they want because this is going to be someone I have chosen, you will not choose for me. You can’t be married for your parents because they are not the ones in this marriage. You are just making someone else’s child miserable,” she said.

According to her, many people are suffering in marriages because their marriage decisions were based on their parents.

She went to explain how she would feel, if her late parents would have rejected her relationship with Guardian Angel.

“I would have been disappointed in them for not respecting my wishes because it is me who is in this relationship and as much as we want to respect our parents and honour them because the bible says we should honour our parents, I think I would take time with them just to show them who you are make them understand that this is the path that I want to take and it is my life and I am comfortable being with this person,” Musila said.

She however noted that her parents wouldn’t have an issue with her being with Guardian Angel.

“They way were brought up, I think we were just allowed to be who we want and I keep saying I wish my parents were alive to see, to meet you even. Speaking at my own point of view, they would never have had a problem because they trust me to make the right decision and even if it wouldn’t have worked, it would have been life,” she said.

“Judging from the kind of relationship I have had from your uncles, how they treat me and how they respect me, tells a bit the kind of reception I would have had from your parents,” Guardian Angel admitted.


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