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Eve Nyaga entered into the limelight on March 18 2024, when she was introduced as the replacement of Mungai Eve in one of Kenya’s successful digital media, Kenya Online Media.

The CEO of the platform, Director Trevor, revealed that Nyaga was joining the platform as a host and brand image.

“Introducing the newest face of Kenya Online Media, our vibrant host and brand image Eve Nyaga! Get ready to dive into the heart of entertainment as Eve brings you exclusive scoops and unravels the stories behind the headlines. Stay tuned for a journey filled with excitement, insight, and endless entertainment as She brings her passion and flair to the forefront!” Trevor said in his statement.

Barely a month after he brought her on board, Trevor has however revealed that he intents to gift Nyaga a car. Trevor’s intentions have been influenced by the fact that April in Nyaga’s birthday month.

He further asked fans suggestions about which brand he should consider buying.

“It’s our KOM Queen’s Birthday month, Suggest a Car Brand we Should Gift Her,” he shared on Instagram together with several photos that they had taken together.

A section of fans have however felt that it was too early to gift Nyaga a car as others believed that this was a sign that Trevor was madly in love with his employee.

“Ni mapema kumpatia gari,” Trudy Kitui said as Flossy Trukid wrote, “Aki mapenzi wewe.”

“Bwana mkona pesa sana uku inje,” read another comment.

Others however suggested car brands that could fit Eve Nyaga including Mazda Axela, Jeep Wrangler , Audi among others.


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It is only time that will tell whether Trevor is serious about the gift, and fans are eagerly waiting.

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