Bien Aime-Barazza , former lead member of the now defunct Sauti Sol, has revealed that githeri is his worst meal ever.

Githeri is a mixture of maize and beans and is a popular dish among Kenyans.

Speaking in a recent episode of In My Opinion podcast, Bien said that members of his house are not allowed to prepare the dish at all costs.

“Githeri, Maize and beans. I can’t stand it. In my house right now, I told my house manager, my wife knows, my mum knows nobody is allowed to cook that sh*t in my house,” the artist said.

According to him, efforts to to spice up the meal in different ways before have failed terrible.

“I have tried it with avocado blue band sijui. nini . I went boarding school and that sh*t tore me up. I also don’t do cabbage,” Bien said, adding that, “I am done with cabbage am done with Githeri. It is my worst meal in the world.”

He however said that ugali is one of his favorite meals.

“I am talking about maize and beans together, just boiled then you fry it with oil, tomatoes. For some people it is a delicacy. I love ugali, ugali is my heart,” he said.


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At the same time Bien said that she wouldn’t mind his wife attending her ex’s funeral, especially if they had a child together. He noted that those who deny their partners to grief over the loss of their past lovers are just petty.

“I wouldn’t have a problem  wanting to go to her ex’s funeral, I mean good riddance. The guy is dead, he is gone. She will go as a friend. And again if he is the father of her child, if I married a woman with a child, I wouldn’t want my child not to be able to go for his/her dad’s funeral,” he said.

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