Nyako a popular content creator has threw misplaced jabs at popular radio presenter Azziad Nasenya yesterday during her TikTok live.

The creator was responding to a netizen who had commented on the live enquiring about  Nyako’s  friendship if any and her thoughts on Nasenya and her career.

Nyako explicitly wrote Nasenya off blasting her as a young lady full of pride and one who  feels like she has made it in life .

According to Nyako, the radio presenter was far away from succeeding in life and she was not yet in a place that warranted her to behave the way she did.

She went on to confess that she was one of her fans seeing that she followed and  watched Azziad’s TikTok lives incognito.

The mother of three explained that the lives painted Nasenya as a girl full of pride before giving off a disclaimer that that was her opinion.

”Azziad is a young lady who thinks that she has made it but according to me, she is not yet there. Na ako na kiburi mingi sana. Mi huenda live zako chini ya maji, na ako na kiburi mingi sana, she thinks that she has made it and she is not yet there, she is no where near making it and that is my opinion.” the Tiktoker stated.

Nasenya is not the first creative who is finding herself on the receiving end of the self proclaimed President of TikTok, Nyako.

The Bahati’s, Akothee , Bishop Allan and Kathy Kiuna. and  Emmy Kosgei are among the many celebrities who have woken up to online trolls and jabs from the Germany based creator.

Her one sided beef with Nasenya comes weeks after she went head on with popular singer Akothee. The two engaged in a fierce battle of words escalating to threatening each other with violence.

Kenyans flocked the comment section to give out their opinions on the whole saga.

”Azziad is who she thinks she is, wewe mwenye unaenda live yake chini ya maji ndio huja make it.”

”Let the girl be. She does not bother one, just goes about her business .”

”Sasa Nyako umetuomba msaada juzi sasa unaongelea superstar?” netizens commented.




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