Diamond Platnumz the Bongo flavor artist brought a South African mall to a standstill as he shopped for Christmas presents yesterday.

The superstar was hanging out with his eldest children Latiffah and Nillan who are babies he sired with the Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan.

In clips doing rounds on social media, Diamond can be seen handing out wads of cash to to the supermarket cashier.

At some point, it gets overwhelming such that the cashier has to ask for help from her fellow co-worker to count the money.

Minutes later, the siblings emerge walking out of the premise flaunting four long shopping receipts evidence of the shopping spree that has just taken place.

The father of three joins in on the fun asking the siblings whose shopping receipt is longer and the two children embark on a sibling argument much to the amusement of the father.

Unfortunately, the busy musician could not afford to spend the night with his children as he is seen in another clip boarding them in a waiting posh van full of shopping baskets as he bids them bye asking the driver to drive them home safely.

This is not the first time the father of three is seen spoiling his children to extravagant shopping sprees. Every time they visit Tanzania seeing that they reside in South Africa with their Mother, the artist takes them out to the posh malls in Tanzania and they shop till they drop literally.

Shopping time is not the only time the children are spoilt, they are all used to extravagant birthday parties which see the attendance of the high and the mighty in the showbiz world.

Last year, His firstborn daughter whom they nickname Tiffah celebrated her birthday in style like a true princess.

Her friends all clad in pink to match the Barbie theme and they were all treated to a nail and spa date but the icing on the cake was the limousine ride where they enjoyed cool tunes and sparking juice in posh flute glasses.

Needless to say, the children are already used to the fast life, hopping on private jets, flashing cameras, attending awarding events and the extravagant gifts are also just part of the package that comes with having two famous parents.




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