Willy Paul

Willy Paul has opened up on the events that saw him quit gospel music a few years ago.

Speaking to Radio Citizen, the artist admitted that many things contributed to his decision of ditching gospel music, a genre that elevated him to fame and success.

Willy Paul said that had he not quit, he would be probably be dead or crazy by now.

“Sometimes when you feel that if you don’t leave wherever you are you will be killed. If you are in that positions sometimes you have no otherwise but leave. There are things that were happening when I was in gospel, they know it themselves, the people I was with, they know what they did to me. I have never had the energy to talk about it but I had to survive, I did what I did and I don’t regret being where I am today. Had I not made the move, you would have heard this guy took away his life, or he went crazy. The environment was toxic for me,”  he revealed.

Willy Paul said at the time, he was struggling to leave the ghetto life but the people he was looking up to were the same ones struggling to make him go back there. They were also criticising his gospel music style, saying that it sounded secular.

“There a lot of such things that it reached a point that there was incitement and I was blacklisted from gospel radio and TV shows because they though I was tough headed, I wasn’t doing  the wrong things they wanted me to do, so I had to leave and stand on my own. They were crushing me, hurting my feelings because I was doing music in a youthful way, how would I start singing a choir. You can’t dictate to a person how he will worship his God,” he said.

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