Manzi wa Kibera

67-year old Samuel Ndunda, who posed as the lover of Manzi Nzuki  in their content creation journey was finally laid to rest at the Lang’ata cemetery mid this week.

The absence of Manzi wa Kibera at the funeral couldn’t however go unnoticed. The ceremony was strictly a family affair devoid of media presence, respecting the wishes of deceased’s family to give him a dignified send off.

Chali wa kibera, her estranged manager has finally revealed to the general public why Manzi wa Kibera didn’t attend the burial,  stating neither of them received an invitation to Nzuki’s burial.

Taking it to his Instagram page Chali wa  Kibera insisted that it was the families wish to lock out media attention.

“I just want to inform you that mzee Nzuki was buried today at Langa’ta cemetery .There was no media presence because the family didn’t want media attention .They just wanted to give him a decent sendoff off cameras.”he said.

“Manzi wa Kibera and  were not invited and I totally understand they must have thought we would go there with press .We will find our own time to go and visit the grave .This they agreed,” Chali wa Kibera said.

He however acknowledged that the family intended to avoid media presence that could be pulled by the them if they showed up  at the funeral.

Samuel Nzuki fell ill on April 18 and passed away on April 21 leaving manzi wa Kibera devastated.

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