King Kaka

Rapper King Kaka has admitted that he forgave his father years after his death. The father of two was bitter at his dad because he was physically abusive to his mother, leading to their separation.

King Kaka said that before forging him, he had  completely shunned from talking about him.

“When my dad died [when I was] in class 7 tulikuwa na beef because I saw my dad akimbeat my mum  that is how they separated so I was bitter with my dad. When I became King Kaka, one of the things I wished for, I wanted to forgive him  that is why I did the song Papa. Before Papa sikuwa nimeongea juu ya budangu anywhere, I was bitter and then now I talked about him soI went to mum and told nimeforgive chali yako,” he said in an interview with Oga Obinna.

Papa was released about 8 years ago featuring Elani, and it boasts of over a million views on YouTube.

Having grown up in a poor background, the rapper wished that his father was alive.

“Right now my mother can get anything she wants. She has experienced poverty and I wished dad would be around, ulizaa king,” he sdaid

At the same time, he revealed that at some point in life he was depressed because he was handling so many things and also because of the sickness that is affecting his mother.

“My mum is my heart and my mum is sick ako na condition inaitwa lupus, haina dawa and one of my biggest worries is leo anaezakuwa ako poa, jioni  she is really sick,” King Kaka said.

His mother recently turned 60 years old.

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