It is clocking a month since Director Trevor announced plans that will see Stevo Simple Boy get out of poverty completely.

The ex boyfriend of Mungai Eve said that he would personally take Stevo Simple Boy through content creation so that he could earn an extra income, besides his music career.

The digital media expert made the promise after Stevo fainted during a show on Citizen TV.  At the time, it emerged that he was undergoing stress after he had split up with his manager Chingi Boy.

Trevor has however explained why there is yet to be any development in Stevo’s content creation journey.

“I reached out to his manager, and he told me he was not the one handling him but his brother. I asked him to give me the number of Stevo’s brother but even his phone was not going through. I told Chingi to tell him to look for me, and he told me that he said he would be the one managing Stevo,” Trevor said when contacted.


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Trevor maintains that his intention was only to help the rapper, but there is no way he can force him to accept the help.

“I never wanted to manage him; I just wanted to support him in terms of content. Since he moved to Kibera, I had no way of contacting him. I cannot look for someone by force to help him,” he said.

On the other hand, the rapper’s brother has claimed that he is not in need of any help, and he is the one in charge of him currently.

“We have some projects in the pipeline scheduled for next week, so fans should look out. It is not that we are ungrateful or proud, but we can manage on our own,” the brother said.

This comes even as Chingi Boy declined to give back Stevo’s social media accounts. He claimed that he bought the accounts from Stevo’s former management, MIB, and he would release them once he is paid the money he spend.

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