The recent online activities of singer Naiboi has given his fans a flicker of hope on his grand return to the music scenes.

Naiboi took to his Instagram sharing a photo of himself, as the his Sondeka song played in the background. In the photo, he was facing away from the camera. He also din’t share any caption, leaving fans to speculate about the intention of the post.

“At least there is a sign,” a netizen commented on the post, implying that all hope was not lost about Naiboi’s music career.

Another fan told him that, “Tutasondeka hii tabia ya kuenda missing bila apology.”

On the comment, Naiboi shushed the netizen, laughing off.

“Where have you been?” another musician identified as Adina Ross posed.

“In your country,” he responded.

Last month, concerns about the musicians whereabout  deepened with some claiming that he is now a truck driver in a foreign country.

In October 2021, Naiboi took to social media to air frustrations he was going through with Universal Music, a label he was signed in, revealing that he was being hindered from releasing over 800 songs he had recorded.

“All I ever wanted is to release music for my fans.  And najua mafans wanashangaa whatsup with a Naiboi. My hands been tied for almost two years now and I am tired of being at the mercy of hawa wasee. I might need serious lawyers.

“Nimefika mwisho. I miss Naiboi as much as you do. Pray for me. I keep everything to myself a lot but nimefika mwisho. I love music so much and it hurts me I have over 800 songs and I can’t release even a single one??” he lamented.

In 2022, he however revealed that the matters had been solved and he was a free man.

“Finally free to release music/Been a tough 3-year situation. But hey why complain when i can killem widdit,” he shared.

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