In a candid interview, socialite Risper Faith has revealed her plans to undergo cosmetic surgery to lift her breasts and tighten her skin.

Expressing her dissatisfaction, she stated, “Sahii nimeona boobs zimelala, mkono imelala. Sahii mimi najua kitu naenda kufanya naenda kufanya boobs maybe niinushe alafu ni tighten skin.”

Her announcement has stirred mixed reactions among her fans and the public. One of the noted memorable comment that was humorous yet with skeptical tone was:

“Aache wanajeshi waliolala wapumzike kwa amani. Usimuamushe aliyelala ni wewe utalala salama.”

In addition, Risper Faith disclosed that she won’t be undertaking this journey alone. She will be joined by fellow socialite Amber Ray, who had also been open about her plans for breast surgery after she is done with giving birth to her children.

Risper shared, “Tunafanya pamoja. We are doing at the same place. We are doing together.” She playfully added, “Twin boobies,” to signify their togetherness  in the process.

Also, she discussed the broader context of cosmetic surgery, acknowledging the rigorous demands it entails. She emphasized the necessity of a healthy lifestyle, including regular gym sessions and a proper diet, to maintain her good body form.

“It’s extremely hard; there is no cosmetic surgery that’s easy. It’s very hard. Inataka hata before ufanye surgery you go for therapy,” she said, admitting on the physical and psychological preparation required that one has to go through during the process.

To show how serious the issue is, she went on explaining the need for therapy in order to embrace the new changes that comes with the surgery.

“Imagine nilikuwa na mat*ko kubwa  sahii imekuwa ndogo. Vitu kaa hizo si zinakuwa depressing so that’s why you need therapy.”

Her openness about the plans and challenges of cosmetic surgery brings a new dimension to the conversation about beauty standards and body image in the social media age.

It also brings about the issue of technology in beauty industry specifically in body modification, where people who feel they are dissatisfied with their natural body appearance can change to how they wish to be.



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