Ian Njoroge

Ian Njoroge, a young man who went viral on Sunday for assaulting a traffic police officer has now received back up from Wakadinali member, Scar Mkadinali.

Njoroge was arrested on Sunday evening at his hideout in Kayole Estate after assaulting the officer along Kamiti road in Mirema.

Shortly after his arrest, he was put under a brief but harsh interrogation by individuals who are presumably officers.

In a video seen online on Monday, a handcuffed Njoroge is seen responding to questions floated by the officers, with a section of Kenyans expressing concerns about his rights because of the nature of questioning.

Scar Mkadinali is among those who have offered to secure Njoroge’s release.

“If Ian Njoroge has no criminal record, I will bail him out.  Njege masanse wakwende. For the time this maafakaz beat me up for no reason,” he shared his reasons for extending a helping hand to the suspect.

He also vowed to even bribe the police to ensure that Njoroge is a free man.

“The cops used all the resources they have to get Ian Njoroge. But ile day nilireport uwizi mliniambia nilipe 5k ya kuweka hio gari yenu mafuta. I will bribe on of you and make sure that boy is free,” he vowed.

His remarks have sparked a lot of reactions and here is what Kenyans had to say;

” Scar hauna pesa wacha showbiz utaenda kubail wakushikie bhangi,”  a netizen reacted

” Etii you will bail out as if what he did was good. nkt” said another

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