Kanye West’s ex-assistant Lauren Pisciotta has filed a lawsuit against the rapper, accusing him of sexually harassing her, firing her without cause, and failing to pay her what she was owed.

When she and West first met in 2021, the lady who worked for him in 2021 and 2022, claims that her main source of income was an OnlyFans profile.

According to the lawsuit, he hired her to assist with his fashion business, but she also ended up working with him on three songs that are featured on West’s album “Donda.”

According to the lawsuit, West asked her to quit using her OnlyFans account in 2022 and gave her a $1 million annual income in exchange to which she complied.

West then started texting her with explicit sexual content. The lawsuit claims that this got worse to the point that West sent her explicit films he had produced with another lady and began to masturbate while speaking to her on the phone.

The lawsuit claims that after receiving a $4 million annual salary and a promotion, she was sacked in late 2022. According to the lawsuit, West offered her a $3 million severance pay, but she never received it.

Pisciotta is suing for a variety of reasons, including unpaid wages, unlawful retaliation, gender discrimination, wrongful termination, sexual harassment, and breach of context.

In addition to penalties to be enforced under applicable labour regulations, she is requesting reimbursement for all legal costs, as well as any further damages the court may find suitable.

The rapper is being sued for the third time this year. Another former employee accused him of racial discrimination and harassment in April.

Additionally, West faced legal action from Donna Summer’s estate in February for allegedly stealing a sample of her song “I Feel Love” without her consent.

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