Weeks after announcing that he had parted ways with Mungai Eve, Director Trevor has introduced  her replacement eliciting reactions among Kenyans online.

On Monday, he announced that he had recruited Eve Nyaga to the Kenya Online Media family.

Nyaga is joining the digital media platform as not only as a host but the image of the brand, a position that was previously held by Mungai Eve.

“Introducing the newest face of Kenya Online Media, our vibrant host and brand image Eve Nyaga! Get ready to dive into the heart of entertainment as Eve brings you exclusive scoops and unravels the stories behind the headlines.

“Stay tuned for a journey filled with excitement, insight, and endless entertainment as She brings her passion and flair to the forefront! Also we Have unveiled our new website, your go-to destination for all things entertainment!” he said in his statement.

Many have been left with questions about Trevor’s move of finding another Eve to work with. Others wondered if being named Eve was a qualification to work with Trevor. Below are some of their reactions.

Wa Kina Felow: Ama wewe ni Adam 😂😂 lazima utafute Eve,”

Angel Vee: Eve left, Eve came

Anthony Manyara: Why Eve, mkuu? But then nmekumbuka mambo ya Adam & Eve. Viva!

Kidrock: Sijawai patana na dem anaitwa eve Mimi😂na wewe huyu niwa pili😭ama wewe ndo Adam.










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