Kemunto Diana, a businesswoman and influencer, found herself in the spotlight after sharing screenshots of confessions revealing the intimate experiences of her followers.

In an interview with Kenya Online Media, Kemunto reflected on her journey to fame, which began in 2022 when she gained attention for advising young women on hustling tactics.

Despite accusations of exploiting confessions for personal gain, Kemunto denied fabricating stories or spreading viruses. She insisted that the confessions were genuine, originating from anonymous individuals seeking privacy.

With over a thousand unposted confessions in her inbox, Kemunto expressed reluctance to share some due to their sensitive nature.

“The stories are not fake, the confessions are very real. I can’t hire 10,000 people to write stories or open 10,000 accounts to fake stories. I have about 1039 zenye sijapost. And I am scared of what might happen if I do. You have seen the impact that the whole issue has had so far,” she said.

According to her, the decision to repost these confessions was inspired by a friend’s firsthand experience with a virus. This prompted her to provide a platform for others to share their struggles openly.

While Kemunto admits the weight of these confessions often overwhelms her, she persists in her efforts to assist where possible. Beyond reposting for awareness, she takes the time to counsel and connect individuals with appropriate resources.

Kemunto’s story sheds light on the complexities of managing a platform that delves into sensitive topics, highlighting the importance of empathy and responsible sharing in the digital age.

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