Diana Kemunto a socialite and activist has shared her thoughts on toxic relationships.

Kemunto who has openly sanitized young women and men to lead a healthy sex life advised women to move from toxic relationships.

Taking to her Instagram page she posted a long post saying; “Mnaniuliza if nishai pigwa kwani nafanya Nini streets ?stop waiting for something to happen to you for you to move most probably by the time you decide to move you will be dead ,Stop thinking toxic is sexy stop entertaining this it will mentally damage you long last. Too many coffins down there just from abusive relationships you have a voice walk away start over just something but don’t stay.”

“The women who stay coz of their kids they won’t choose to stay so move ,what happened to healthy relationships or you can’t survive without a man?It is intimacy or scared of facing life alone ?no!no!no! We need to stop these men,”she concluded.

Her sentiments come at a time when rapper Madtraxx is embroiled in a scandal with his wife Salma Hussein. Salma came out to the public to expose the artist for making her life miserable since the beginning of their marriage. Taking to Instagram on June 7, Salma Hussein, the rapper’s wife and mother of his children, shared several photos which appeared to show evidence of severe physical abuse including a black eye, swollen face and hand bruises.

Although Madraxx denied the allegations stating that his wife was referring to things that happened in the past, Netizens attacked him on his social media platforms calling him all sorts of name .Madtraxx went on to state that he and Hussein have been long separated and that he was forging ahead with his life – and that of the children too.

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